Counseling for Women

Counseling for Women in Westlake Village, CA

“Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end.” ~ A.J. Lawless

You give so much to your relationship, your children, your job, your friendships and the numerous other commitments you’ve made. But, somewhere along the way, when you weren’t paying attention, you put your needs behind everyone else.

Sometimes it seems like the joy you used to feel is gone. You wonder if you’re depressed because you don’t feel as happy as you used to. Your life looks perfect to others on the outside.

But on the inside, it’s another story.

You look around and you wonder. There has to be more?

Your relationship with your spouse feels distant. You get more of your needs met through friendships you’ve made. You wonder if your spouse doesn’t find you attractive anymore. You don’t feel good enough and blame yourself.

What can you do?

You can begin by making your needs just as important as those you love.

As a woman you are, by nature, intuitive and nurturing. You thrive when living a connected and meaningful life. It’s when you stray away from meeting those needs, that you can sometimes feel empty, disconnected or left wanting more.

You can only live on autopilot for so long. You may feel guilty for complaining when everything looks good on the outside of your life. It may not seem to make sense to you. You continue to ask yourself,

“Why don’t I feel happy when everyone else thinks I have a perfect life?”

Counseling for Women

Counseling can help.

Together we can work to help you:

  • feel less anxious or depressed
  • feel more self-confident
  • get clear about your marriage
  • discover ways to reconnect with your partner
  • work through and heal past hurts
  • identify your passions and dreams, and reconnect with your life again
  • reestablish a healthy life balance that includes your goals and interests
  • learn to live with healthy boundaries
  • feel more empowered and in control of your life
  • bring joy and happiness back into your experience

You deserve to give yourself some needed attention.



I look forward to helping you create the life that you desire.


  • Get help when you need it