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Couples Counseling in Westlake Village, CA

Helping Turn Good Relationships into Great Relationships

When your relationship began, it was full of excitement, romance, closeness, dreams and promises for a loving future.

You may have taken your vows, promising to be together for always.

It felt like you were a priority in their life, and they in yours.

That was then, and this is now.

You’re wondering what happened to that relationship. The one that started out so bright.

Today, as you look across the table at your partner, you’re feeling very disconnected from them. The romance is gone, and it seems like they’ve lost interest in you. Even the intimacy, if it happens at all, seems purely physical without the emotional closeness you once shared.

You’re both proud of your children, and you receive much joy and love from them. But, that is not enough to keep you from feeling alone in your marriage.

Resentment is building as you’ve tried to express your concerns to them, but it feels as if they’ve gone unheard. You wonder if you can continue to live in what feels like a loveless marriage.

You’re beginning to think about what it would be like to leave.


Taking Your Relationship for Granted

Marriages and relationships can suffer significantly from a lack of attention.

Do you choose to spend your time together watching TV, looking at your phones, on Facebook, or playing computer games rather than having a conversation? Have you forgotten how to foster closeness between you?

Like anything else, you can’t take your partner for granted. You need to do your part to get the relationship back on track.


“The need for connection makes the consequences of disconnection that much more real and dangerous.” ~ Brene Brown


While most marriages suffer from benign neglect, some are dealing with possible deal-breakers, such as:

  • The discovery of an affair
  • Anger and aggressive behavior
  • Substance abuse & addiction


I’ve worked with many couples like you to help them get through their difficulties and make their relationships richer and stronger.

We can work together to help you:

  • Become more mindful and less neglectful of your relationship
  • Develop a tool belt of healthy communication skills
  • Bring romance and caring behaviors back into your experience
  • Increase the positives and reduce the negatives in your relationship
  • Learn to work through issues
  • Regain a healthy balance between work and your relationship
  • Get help for addiction issues before it’s too late
  • Work through the infidelity if you both decide to recommit to the marriage
  • Work through anger issues by referring the angry partner to individual counseling for anger management


All it takes is one phone call to make that positive first step.


Counseling is a safe place to talk about your concerns. The therapist is a non-judgmental third party, with a professional background and knowledge to help you find your way back to each other. Counseling provides accountability and keeps you on track as you set healthy new habits in your relationship.




Relationships are a labor of love. You don’t have to be miserable. Together we can get yours back on track.


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