High Conflict Divorce and Narcissistic Abuse


High Conflict Divorce and Narcissistic Abuse – Westlake Village, CA

Support to Help You Break Free and Heal Your Family 


High Conflict Divorce and Narcissistic AbuseAre you in the middle of a contentious divorce with your narcissistic ex?

Would you like to break free, and heal your family from the damaging impact?



To heal your children, your recovery from the narcissistic abuse you suffered is imperative.


To help you heal, we will work together with a 5-Step Recovery Model that includes processing and working effectively through:


  • Acceptance and Grief

  • Psychological Separation

  • Becoming Your Authentic Self

  • Dealing With Your Ex in Recovery

  • Ending the Legacy of Distorted Love


By working through these steps in counseling, you can rebuild a solid sense of yourself. You’ll feel more resilient and whole.


Next, You Can Learn How to Utilize Empathetic Parenting to Heal Your Children


High Conflict Divorce and Narcissistic AbuseMore than likely, your children are sharing custody with the narcissistic parent. You may feel like you have to heal their broken pieces every time they return home to your care.

The antidote for any emotional damage being done is empathetic parenting. You will learn how to operate from this perspective with your children at all times.



“Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing creates change you do choose.”  ~Michele Rosenthal

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