Divorce Counseling & Recovery

Divorce Counseling & Recovery in Westlake Village, CA

Are you struggling with your divorce? Counseling can help.

Experiencing a divorce after a long marriage myself, I appreciate how difficult it can be to heal and transition into your new life.

What makes our work together so unique and effective is that I’ve developed targeted interventions to help get you from your most painful first year to a time of self-discovery, to end up with the ability to embrace your life and find joy again.


For most people, there are three distinct stages of divorce recovery. Where you are on your journey will determine the work we do together.


The Three Stages of Divorce Recovery

Beginning Stage (Up to 2 years after divorce/separation began)

This is known as the crisis stage. We will work together to help you:  

  • Process through your sadness and grief without unnecessary suffering
    Replace distressing and anxious thoughts with more reassuring, positive and realistic thoughts
  • Shore up a support system
  • Begin to make your meaning of what’s happened
  • Challenge old core beliefs to elevate self-worth
  • Learn coping skills to get you through the holidays, anniversaries and other firsts
  • Develop healthy boundaries with the ex and your children
  • Regain clarity


With therapy, you will go from feeling intense emotional pain and anxiety to feeling hopeful about yourself and your life.


Middle Stage (From 2 – 4 years after divorce began)

This is known as the self-discovery and adjustment stage. We will work together to help you:  

  • Participate in discovery of self, authenticity
  • Rebuild your self-worth through actionable steps toward future
  • Begin to process forgiveness of self and ex
  • Begin to transform toward acceptance and letting go
  • Learn to navigate life as single parent, including self-care and life balance
  • Explore red flags in the marital relationship
  • Work toward healthy future relationships

With therapy, you will go from feeling lost and unsure to feeling confident and a sense of direction in your life.


Ever-After Stage (From 4 – 5+ years out)

This is known as the phase of clearing out the residual leftovers that continue to affect your life. We will work together to help you:  

  • Begin the process to de-identify with your divorce
  • Identify “leftovers” that keep you from embracing your new life and finding joy again
  • Continue to process forgiveness of self and ex
  • Connect the dots from your past to the present in your life
  • Achieve full acceptance and letting go
  • Find the hidden blessings
  • Arrive at healthy mindset


With therapy, you will go from feeling stuck to feeling emotional peace, and a joy-filled life.


Improve Your Physical & Spiritual Well-Being After Divorce

During your divorce, you may experience sleepless nights, lose the ability to eat, and feel a steady level of anxiety throughout the day. These things can create a tremendous strain on your physical health.

It’s important to find healthy outlets for your stress and to take good care of yourself. Let’s get you mindful of scheduling exercise, eating a healthy diet, and managing your anxiety to improve your overall physical and mental well-being.

Spiritual well-being is essential to your recovery from divorce. You can draw strength and comfort when you reconnect with your source or higher power. For some people, they have a close relationship with God; for others, it might be the connection they feel when out in nature.

Whatever it is for you, you can gain a healthier perspective on your life and feel calmer and reassured.


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