Discernment Counseling

Discernment Counseling in Westlake Village, CA

For Marriages on the Brink

Are you (or your spouse) seriously considering divorce but wondering if it’s the right choice?

Does marriage counseling seem too overwhelming right now, but you’re at least willing to take a pause and explore how you’ve arrived at this point, and what your options are?

Are you debating back and forth whether your marriage is salvageable?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, Discernment Counseling might help.

A new option for certain marriages in crisis.Discernment Counseling

Different than traditional marriage counseling, Discernment Counseling does not immediately attempt to solve the problems within a marriage. Instead, the goal of this short-term counseling approach is to help couples have greater clarity and confidence in their decision-making.

Developed by Dr. William Doherty out of the University of Minnesota, Discernment Counseling helps couples choose whether or not to continue their current path towards separation and divorce, to enter marriage counseling to explore reconciliation and growth or to take a break from pondering the fate of the marriage to decide later.


Discernment Counseling may be appropriate if you or your spouse are seriously considering divorce but are not entirely sure if this is the right choice.


Couples who enlist the support of a skilled Discernment Counselor are interested in securing third-party support as they think through whether or not they wish to attempt the work of marriage counseling.

Discernment Counseling is brief and focused, involving a maximum of five counseling sessions. The first visit is usually 2 hours, with subsequent sessions lasting between 1 and 2 hours. This time is spent in conversation both as a couple and alone with the therapist.


Discernment Counseling is NOT appropriate when:

  • one spouse has made a final decision to divorce and wants counseling to help the other spouse accept his/her choice
  • there is a threat of domestic violence within the relationship
  • there is an Order of Protection from the court
  • Undue pressure is applied from one spouse on another to participate


You don’t have to face the weight of such a heavy decision-making process alone. I’m trained in Discernment Counseling and here to help ease your burden.


 Discernment Counseling


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