A Healing Meditation to Soothe a Broken Heart


“Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.” ~ Wizard of Oz


Are you suffering from a broken heart?

You can use mindfulness and a healing meditation to soothe a broken heart.


I actually can’t imagine a pain more searing than that of a shattered heart.


Sometimes you can physically ache from the sorrow you’re experiencing.

When I think about broken hearts, I think of endings, disappointments, or dreams lost; of hurtful words or betrayals; of mourning a loved one who’s passed or grieving a loved one who’s estranged; and of the investment in a marriage that is no more.


Emotional pain can be so uncomfortable causing many people to find unhealthy ways to cope.


They bury it or sweep it under the carpet. Some numb out by drinking or getting high. All this does is prolong your pain and suffering, and keep you from joy and happiness.

However, there is a way you can heal your broken heart while lessening your emotional pain.


The best method to process through grief, loss, and disappointment is to allow yourself to feel and heal.


There is much wisdom in the saying, “What we resist will persist, what we feel will heal, and that which we embrace dissolves.”


The Practice of Mindfulness to Process Painful Emotions


A Healing Meditation to Soothe a Broken HeartTo help process through painful feelings, I love to use mindfulness techniques. If you practice these techniques, not only will you be able to sit with your emotions, you will help them heal and dissolve.


1. Set aside a few minutes each day to quiet your mind. Sit in a beautiful, quiet area free from distraction.

2. With your feet on the ground and your hands resting comfortably in your lap, take about five deep breaths in and out.

3. Without judgment, become aware of any thoughts or emotions you are thinking and feeling. (Emotions aren’t wrong unless you tell them so).

4. As you continue to breathe in and out, welcome your emotion. Remind yourself that it will pass as all emotions do.

5. Bring into your awareness your connection with humanity, understanding that many people in your shoes would feel just like you do. You are not alone, and there’s nothing wrong with you for feeling this way.


A Healing Meditation to Soothe a Broken Heart

Meditation is much like mindfulness practice. I’m going to guide you through a meditation to help ease your broken heart. Included is an audio of relaxing, ambient sound to help you feel calm and centered. Just push play and begin.





Pick a beautiful, comfortable place to sit or lie down. Put both your feet on the ground, and rest your arms at your sides, hands comfortably on your legs.


Take a deep breath in for a count of 6, drawing the air all the way down into your belly, then slowly exhale to a count of 6. Take another deep, cleansing breath in, then slowly exhale out. As you take your next cleansing breath in, on the exhale breathe out any stress and tension that you feel. Again, breathe in peace and serenity, exhale any anxious thoughts that weigh you down. Repeat a few times, and feel your muscles begin to relax.


As you continue your breathing, start to envision a warm, golden, beautiful light above you. This light is coming down through your crown chakra. You can feel its warmth infusing your body from your head down through your shoulders and all the way down your arms; into your chest surrounding your heart with warm healing energy; down through your abdomen and into your thighs, your calves and through your feet into the ground.


As you feel this loving, warm, beautiful light encompass you, feel it begin to carry away your hurt and pain. Breathe in LOVE and exhale anger and resentment. Remember your higher purpose. You are part of and one with a loving Universe. Breathe in LOVE, exhale any sadness or disappointment. With each breath in, feel your heart open and envision it filling up with LOVE from this golden light. As you exhale, breathe out any guilt, shame or the burdens of others that you’ve taken upon yourself. Acknowledge that everyone is on their unique journey.


Breathe in LOVE, knowing your heart is large enough to hold vast amounts. Exhale doubt and unworthiness. Breathe in LOVE, exhale hurt and betrayal. As you continue to breathe in LOVE, feel your heart shrouded with warm, healing light. Breathe in LOVE, exhale the need for any walls and defenses you’ve put up around it. You are loved by a higher power. Your heart is safe.


Repeat softly, “My heart is full of LOVE. I am worthy of LOVE and belonging. As my heart is healing from loss, disappointment, and endings, I know that LOVE surrounds and resides within me. I am LOVED, and loving relationships multiply in my life.”


Bring your awareness back to the beautiful, warm, golden light, as it begins to travel back up from the earth, through your feet and legs and into your hips. Feel the light comfort your abdomen and chest, as your heart begins to feel weightless. As the light moves up your arms through your neck and into your face, it starts to leave your body through the top of your head, gently.


As you gradually bring your awareness back to the room, you feel safe, comforted and loved. All is well.





Hi, my name is Jamie Daniel-Farrell. I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a practice in Westlake Village, CA. I like to use meditation in session with my clients when they are suffering from emotional pain, anxiety, and stress. If you could benefit from learning mindfulness and meditation practices, I would be happy to help. Please feel free to call me at 805-444-4968.






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